Featured application: TradeHancer


TradeHancer (trade enhancer) is a tool that will help you manage risk, set up long and short trades in markets you define and it provides a checklist of six key factors that have proven valuable in evaluating the quality of any proposed trade. Finally it allows you to easily document your trade by providing easy screen shots of your long and short trade setups as you build them.

  • As many user defined markets as desired with custom account, risk tolerance and tick size/value information.
  • Easy to use long and short trade setup/calculator with "smart" autofill based upon your market setup to fill in the blanks to minimize keyboarding.
  • Unique touch value scrolling patterned after state of the art trading software that lets you adjust prices with your mouse on screen. TradeHancer allows you to adjust and fine tune your stop/entry/target prices using just your finger by scrolling up or down the screen. This ends up being much more convenient and efficient than keyboard edits (although those are still there.)
  • The trade scoring checklist helps you evaluate the potential quality of the trade quickly and easily to arrive at a go/no-go decision. The commission you'll save on avoiding a single bad trade because of this checklist will pay for the app several times over!
  • Extensive built in help and explanation, especially of the trade scoring strategy and why these factors "enhance" your odds of a successful trade. That knowledge by itself is worth the price of the app.
  • The main goal was to allow ease of use with minimal keyboarding so that the mechanics don't get in the way of quick trade setup and evaluation.

I plan more improvements but the best ideas come from customers! Give me your ideas for improvements and we'll see what we can do!

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P.S. I don't nickel and dime my customers for "upgrades." Once you buy a product, you will always get the upgrades at no extra cost as part of the same product so lock in this intro price while it is available. At $0.99 I can't make it any lower without giving it away (g). As the feature set grows, you'll get them for no additional cost. Pass the word to your trading buddies and your community. This price probably won't last forever ;-)

(btw, my apologies for not making the email address above a text/email link. It is an image to help reduce spam-bot pickup. Hopefully it is short enough to just warrant a human keying it. I *do* want to hear your ideas for improvement.)

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