Featured application: PixieLinc

This is a a native app counterart to my original X10 Web App seen elswwhere on this site. That was my first iteration of X10 control using a Linux server.

Recently, I discoverd the SmartLinc controller put out by SmartHome. It is basically a web server/controller rolled into a module that plugs into the wall and your home network and allows you to control Insteon and X10 devices. Now I haven't gotten any of the Insteon modules yet. They are more capabile than X10 as they have feedback and have bidirectional communication. They also cost as much as ten times what you can get the equivalent X10 modules for if you shop around. Besides, if you are like me, you have a drawer full of X10 stuff.

I wanted to get away from having to have a PC "on" all the time to act as the web interface to my CM11 or Firecracker controllers. The SmartLinc fills the bill nicely and even allows you some scheduling capability. It comes with a rather lame web interface (but functional) built in so you can use it right away from Safari. However, I wanted something more like what I'd built with my original X10 app. I also wanted to be able to easily incorporate photos of my devices. So I wrote PixieLinc over the 2009 Christamas break. I suppose the holiday reminded me of my desire for a nice X10 control option because I always hook up all the Christmas lights using X10 for convenience.

Now there are other controllers in the app store, most which cost much more but I wanted something that would be reminiscent of the X10 palm pad controller. Of course with this app you can control ANY house codes and Units (all 256) instead of just 16. It does not control Insteon modules. That may come later if I actually buy some but at those prices, I'll probably stick with X10 for a while yet.

The watch word here is simple and inexpensive. Configuration consists merely of giving your module entries the network address of your SmartLinc controller, a title, the house code and unit code and snapping a picture or using one from the Photo Album if you are using an IPod instead of an iPhone. The app takes this info and sends the direct command for the desired X10 application to the SmartLinc controller you have set up on your network. You can also specify whether the module is a lamp module or appliance module. For lamp modules a dimmer control is displayed.

The boys and girls at Apple reviewed this one in record time so I'm not quite ready with this site yet. But for the moment the screen shots in the App Store should tell the tale. But as always, with an Ayefon app, you get personal support via email * so feel free to write if you have any questions at all.



* fix email address [at] in link as needed - it's mangled to foil address harvesters (one tries.)


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