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Grill Timer




September 3, 2008 - Grill Timer available in the App Store!

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I get asked to grill for parties at the pool my wife manages and we like to entertain on our deck. I've learned that the key to grilling, especially if doing it for a big party is consistency. That means timing is everything.

I had been using the countdown timer in the iPhone for this but my problem was that I often grill different foods at the same time. Hot dogs cook more quickly on a given heat and you have to "turn" them more often than burgers. Chicken takes longer and I find shish kabob is somewhere in between depending on what's on the skewer. So I really needed more than one timer. Also, I hated to have to shut off the alarm. I wanted it to just chime for a bit then shut off itself so I didn't have to touch it. And finally I wanted minimum touches. I just wanted to be able to start a new "turn" timing with a single touch.

For good measure I added a configuration screen so you can enter your own foods and times. And for fun you can also customize it with your own food pictures right from your photo album. Just touch the food pic (like you do in the address book) and select a picture from your photo album, size it and crop as desired and save. This is a fun app.

Don't grill? Thanksgiving and the "fattening" season is just around the corner and there will be many different foods in the oven at the same time. This little $.99 cent app will brighten your day in the kitchen.

P.S. When folks compliment me on my grilling I just tell them that all it takes is a $300 cooking timer and I whip out my iPhone (g).

Don't cook? This can be just as easily used for a number of other timing functions around the home or shop and the pictures aren't limited to food items. You could use this for timing glue set ups or film developing multiple rolls of film if you do your own film developing. Drop me a line if you come up with other interesting applications.

Tip: Go into the iPhone settings menu-general settings and turn off the auto lock feature (set it to none) when you are timing. It's a pain to have to unlock the phone to hit the reset buttons and it also seems to interfere with proper timing.


Contact: don - at - babcock.org