iGeoCacher User Guide/Videos

Starting with version 2.0 it seems good to make a page dedicated to various videos demonstrating different facets of using iGeoCacher. On the one hand it is a very simple product designed to do nothing more than enable easy paperless geocaching by allowing you to take your Pocket Query (PQ) and other GPX information with you into the field. But as a result of many "wish list" items submitted by all of you, it has grown into a very powerful program. While every effort has been made to preserve and improve simplicity, true power brings with it some degree of complexity. This page will contain a growing collection of short video clips designed to show you how to use the various options and features.

Getting a Pocket Query

iGeoCacher was designed from the start to make use of the GPX file information available from the "official" geocaching web site via a premium membership. But many newcomers to that site are unfamiliar with how that is done. For some reason, the PQ facility is more or less "buried" on the profile page even though it is arguably one of the reasons that folks like you and me pay the freight for a premium membership. This video takes you through the creation a pocket query.

Your First Download

This video guides you through taking the pocket query you received and uploading it to the Ayefon transfer server under your account and then downloading it to your iPhone/iPod. It also covers getting an account on the server.

Downloading from your own PC/Server

This video shows the other method of downloading using my local MacBook as a personal web server. You can use any web server you have access to where you can post your GPX files. If you can reach it with a URL from your iPhone/iPod you should be able to use it for loading caches into iGeoCacher.

One cautionary note. If the web server is running Microsoft's IIS web server, you will probably have to get the server admin to add .GPX as a text/xml mime-type. Most IIS servers will refuse to serve .GPX files unless this is done. Now some folks have gotten around this by renaming the gpx files with a .html extension but that's kind of awkward. It does seem to work. Most Linux-Apache servers seem to work just fine out of the box. with GPX files.

2.X Videos By The Tabs

The Caches Tab

Video 1 - Main Tab Features
Video 2 - Dismissing Search Criteria
Video 3 - Cache Detail

The Groups Tab

The Data Import Tab

Video 1 - Download from your own server
Video 2 - Download from Ayefon server
Video 3 - Try the Demo Caches

Video 4 - New browse for GPX files feature.

The GPS Tab

The WPT Tab

Wrap Up and Thanks