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December 2, 2011 - Version 2.7 is now in the App Store. It has a number of bug fixes (occasional "null" file load requiring restart, e al.) Also, I added the ability to delete individual files from within iGeoCacher to make field library maintenance easier.

November 22, 2011 - GoDaddy is discontinuing support for the Cold Fusion language on their servers as of 11/29 (next week.) As of that date, the old legacy CF upload/download features will no longer work in iGeoCacher. I hope by now that everyone has upgraded their hardware to be able to use iOS4 so that you can use the email attachment and/or the iTunes file sharing mechanism to get your GPX files loaded. Now with iOS5 this is even wireless so you don't have to "tether."

So this is the bad news. The Ayefon server based file transfer will stop working 11/29. The other methods (mail attachment, iTunes file sharing and browser) will not be affected. Now the good news is that I've been paying for these servers all along (four years now) out of pocket from the proceeds of sales. I'll be able to decommission at least one of these hosts and thereby pass that along as a price reduction for iGeoCacher going forward. I'm also working on an update that will fix a few bugs and remove the code required by this legacy service which is, in fact, a hold over from the early web app days before there was a native iPhone app. This will lighten the memory footprint as well.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to write at the support email. I really don't even know if anyone is still using the old Ayefon server service but if you are, I want to work with you to transition to the more modern means of getting your files loaded. I personally use the email attachment method almost exclusively now as I find that is the most convenient. I regret any inconvenience this causes but it's not my call. It seems that Cold Fusion just isn't bringing in enough business for them to continue to support it.

December 5, 2010 - Check out my DIY WiFi GPS project.

February 3, 2011 - iGeoCacher 2.6 is in the App Store!

You can now drag and drop unzipped geocache data files (.GPX, .LOC) directly into the file sharing area for iGeoCacher in iTunes (apps tab) and they will be automatgically transferred into iGeoCacher. They now appear in a "picker" control on the email/import method in iGeoCacher. Try it out. You can also drag copy the database and files OUT of the shared file space onto the desktop and use them. For example, there is a plugin for the FIreFox browser that will let you open, query, and browse SQLite databases such as the one that holds the iGeoCacher data.

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It features local storage of cache data in a built in SQLite DB which makes it possible for iPod Touch owners to join the fun and complete integration with the built in GPS for 3G phones.

The web app will continue to be available for any that may be using it with pre 2.0 iPhones or even other mobile devices so have no fear. Existing web app users will find their existing cache database will transfer seamlessly to the new software as well.


The iGeocacher is a small application that allows me (and you) to parse the data in a set of geocaching files in .loc or .gpx format and then display them via a web application in the safari browser on your iPhone. The lat/lon coordinates are coupled to the Google maps function so that you just touch the icon or link on the desired target and you'll see it depicted on Google maps. Just touch the directions button and get detailed driving instructions to your waypoint

On the next page I've outlined how it works. If you have any questions about this product, send me a note:

d o n [at] b a b c o c k . o r g

and I'll be glad to correspond.


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