gCompass User Guide/Videos

This is a very simple app. Just launch it.

You can toggle the display of information in US (MPH - Miles Per Hour) or Metric (KPH - Kilometers per hour) by pressing the button at the upper right.

You can change the compass scale rotation/orientation to the desired mode by toggling the scale button on the left between "Heading" (current heading always "up" or "North" (North always up.)

As you accelerate the speed will begin to read out. Note that due to the nature of the GPS signal you won't get reliable speeds much below 10 miles per hour due to signal dither.

The pulsing "star" at the center bottom displays GPS position update activity and serves as a "heartbeat" letting you know that the GPS is operating.

The latitude and longitude of your current position is reported in the lower left in degrees and decimal minutes.

The current accuracy radius as reported by the location API hardware is reported on the lower right. Note that on startup this number will be very large as it is reporting the position initially based upon cell tower triagulation and wi-fi location data. As the GPS signal "kicks in" you will see a drastic reduction in the accuracy radius. Typical values at my location are 9.1 and 17 meters. This information is reported directly from the API with no "adjustments" on my part. In my experience the actual moment by moment accuracy is better so consider this a worst case measure.



Known Issues Nov 24, 2008